Well, firstly, this past weekend I went to the Berkshires with my buddy Harrison and on the way back we saw…a DeLorean! I have photographic proof this time!

the stainless steel construction made the flux dispersal...

Second, in an effort to log some hours of volunteer work to make up for my upcoming British excursion, I’ve agreed to be in a Halloween skit on Wednesday night. It’s going to be for a stunningly elaborate haunted walk in Owl’s Head park, Bay Ridge. The only problem is that we’ll have to perform the skit a hundred plus times for passers by. I play a reluctant archeologist who turns out to be the great(xN) grandson of a mummified pharoah, who then comes alive and runs off with my belle.

After being romantically thwarted by a mummy and stumbling into a sarcophagus every 3 minutes for 4 hours, I’ll then don my yet-to-be assembled second costume (Bill S. Preston, Esq.) and hop over to the village. On a weeknight…I don’t foresee being on time for work on Thursday…


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