Halloween, etc.

I find that there is an amazing amount of complaining done among the general Americorps populus.
Volunteer work, as their oft repeated protest would have it, will not pay the bills. But I mean…when was that ever not the case? It’s almost as if we’re all claiming to have been hoodwinked. But no, we knew exactly what we were getting into. Most Americorps people I work with just want to get this over with while they finish their med school apps, so we’ll do anything to log hours.

Somehow skits count as community service, hence our participation in the Bay Ridge Halloween walk:

me and mummies

Meanwhile, Halloween over in the West Village is a street carnival, brimming over with booze, sex, and bizarre sugar-high energy. I affirm the possibility that people from all regions and walks of life will sometimes dress up in witty or hilariously elaborate costumes on Halloween. But only the New Yorker can stand in the cold for hours dressed as Chewbacca or, much worse, as Princess Leia during her stint at Jabba’s barge, waiting with aplomb in lines so long that I doubt people at the wrong end know what they’re even waiting for. And I was more than an hour late to meet my costume partner David due to the totally unexpected subway shit show.

Still, we were pretty successful:

air guitar


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