British excursion

Only a week abroad and I did everything I wanted to do!

Admittedly, my goals were few: see friends and family, celebrate my dad’s 60th, eat fish and chips, drink fine wine, hang around in Brighton…simple and elegant. Several days in the Suffolk countryside for pubs and bonfire festivities, another few days in Brighton for (gasp!) more pubs and lots of wandering through the Laines, and a final day in London for a family party. Which took place in a pub. Yay for England!

There were certain people there that I don’t know if I’ll ever see again, which was both joyous and awful.

My friend Bill recently said matter-of-factly that feelings are always bound to change over time. Several late night memorial glasses of the remarkably strong “Jimmy Thom” scotch whisky, bottled and subsequently sipped upon in honor of my grandfather James Flockhart Thom, caused me to have a different thought on my last night in London: Even though it’s been almost 3 years, my feelings about my family and about my Sussex friends haven’t really changed at all. I felt like I fit right in; that sense of home hasn’t changed. Some feelings it seems are extreme enough or deeply enough rooted that they won’t ever change.

Also, the jet lag gave me an opportunity to get up early in the morning, do yoga for the first time in ages, and be both thrilled and baffled by Al Gore’s appearance on the latest 30 Rock. Oh, how I love that man.


2 Responses to “British excursion”

  1. Ken Smith Says:

    I am trying to trace any relative of Captain James Flockhart Thom M.C. of the Royal Artillery. I have an item of sentimental value to Captain Thoms family which I would like to return,

    Ken Smith

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