Thanksgiving + Battlestar Galactica!!

Thanksgiving this year was spent at chez Eppich, in/on Long Island. David and I braved the fiendishly complicated LIRR and made it out there on Thursday afternoon. Except for the conspicuous lack of booze with dinner, it was a romp. We all ate way too much. And I had a surprise victory in a round of “TV Scene It?” by identifying an old photograph as the budding starlet Lynda Carter (alias Wonder Woman).

TV Scene It!

Anyway, I was convinced that sticking around NY for the holiday would turn out to be depressing, but it worked out marvelously! Not only did I see Lisa, which made me very happy, but also my friends Dan and Claire, Kathy, Allison, and Dustin, none of whom I get to see very often because they don’t live in the city.

Thanksgiving also afforded me enough free time, for better or worse, to have finally become severely and hopelessly addicted to Battlestar Galactica.

I remember being among a gaggle of foreigners for last year’s Thanksgiving feast at ye olde 5:19 bar in nu ren jie in Beijing. Alex talked loudly about his sexual proclivities, I feigned Britishness and talked to some British girls, and I met my good friend Melissa, who appreciates the Val Kilmer film “Real Genius” almost as much as I do. At the end of the evening I got stuck with compiling everybody’s cash and paying the tab, which added up to several thousand kuai. The owner of the 5:19, a nice and amazingly nerdy guy whose name escapes me, counted all the money out, poured me a free gin and tonic, and gave me a long wholly unprovoked lecture about the new Sci-Fi channel Battlestar Galactica show. It was weird.

Well it’s been a year, the weather has turned cold again, and I’ve finally allowed Battlestar to become my favorite excuse for staying indoors. I love that Edward James Olmos, and not just because he was in “Blade Runner”. His role in the show as Commander Adama is almost as memorable as his appearance as an idealistic AP Calculus teacher in “Stand and Deliver”. Almost.


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