Holidaze, or Ludichristmas (part II)

Bus rides to DC can be super fun, as it turns out.

Then yesterday we had a few cheap Bloody Marys and engaged in Bethesda-style last minute Christmas shopping. This is my parents’ method; Alcohol numbs pain and, let’s not forget, the insane Bourgeois consumerism shit show that is Christmas time can be painful.

Morris Louis

Later on some friends and I ventured to the Hirschorn gallery on the Mall. It’s among my favorite DC museums because of the comfy chairs and because the art tends towards the abstract without being really pretentious about it. Like, two years ago they had a very memorable Anselm Keifer exhibit and many years before that they had a big Chuck Close show. This time the painter in question was an American guy Morris Louis, who in his working life had been obsessed with vibrant colors and what happens when they overlap. Unfortunately, as any seasoned Crayola kid knows, overlapping vibrant colors generally produce brown or puce. Still, it was cool and up to the Hirschorn standard.

Then we started looking at sculptures and came up with THE SILLIEST GAME EVER. Wander around the sculpture portion of the Hirschorn gallery (or similar) and try to see what noise you’d expect each sculpture to make if it could talk. What would it’s voice sound like? What kind of sound would it make? We found that we all had similar sounds for each piece. How is this possible? I have no idea. How are the visual and auditory senses linked with one another? Is art universal? Can it communicate in a way that we hadn’t previously conceptualized? It was insane. People thought we were on drugs and, indeed, it kind of felt like we were.

Funnily enough, when we got to a sculpture that was mixed media (metal, wood, and concrete all together) we were all stumped. Weird, huh?

Try the sculpture game! What kind of sound is he making?


What about this one?


Or this one?


It probably works better in 3d…but you get the idea.


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