Motorcycle Madness

Went in to the office this morning to help the staff with a toy drive/outreach stunt for local kids. We were assisted by aging Brooklyn biker toughs known as The Crazy Pistons, in honor of the Puerto Rican festival known as Three Kings Day. I was immediately sent off with co-worker Ann to give out fliers in Brooklyn’s Chinatown on 8th Ave…so here I was, a white kid meandering through the market street yelling in Chinese to advertise a Puerto Rican holiday event. In my naive younger days, this set of circumstances probably would have led me to exclaim, “Only in New York!” But I think the phrase “Only in Brooklyn!” is far more accurate.

When we got back we were assigned to crowd control duty, controlling the mob of toy-hungry parents and kids like bouncers at a bizarre nightclub:

crowd control

The Pistons arrived:


and Ann posed with a gaggle of Pistons dressed as the Kings themselves (with questionable historical accuracy):

Ann + three kings

All in all an unconventional day at work and an amusing way to spend a Sunday.
It does, of course, kind of suck that tomorrow is Monday though…


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