MMORPGamers: Bush’s package not stimulating enough!

Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are linked to the real world economy as game fanatics trade actual currency for experience points, magical items, or Dragon Kill Points and vice versa. The market is volatile, however, and unstable; witches and warlocks everywhere are bracing for recession as the value of Dragon Gold has entered an unprecedented downward spiral in accordance with its real-world counterpart.


This recent NYTimes editorial bemoans the stimulus package, the government’s lame attempt to revive the ailing economy, as irresponsible; “the opposite of what is needed long term.” But they’ve neglected a crucial part of the market from their considerations: Gamers! That’s right. Bush’s tax cut for the rich may be the best way for the game economy to be revitalized. Zit-faced basement-dwelling computer gamers are probably not receiving food stamps anyway.


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