Signs point to Tyra Banks Show actually being interesting.

It’s both unlikely and unnerving, I know.

If you have a spare moment to entertain such a preposterous theorem, check out this video:

Racial prejudice just gushes so easily forth from the panel, it’s kind of sickening.

Yet, they all seem to be reasonable people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. I guess that prejudice and this tendency towards stereotype and bias lurk unconsciously within most people, no matter who they are. Those of you who didn’t take Scott Plous’ social psych class at Wesleyan should check out Understanding Prejudice for more info. The Implicit Association Test is particularly cool/disturbing.

I never thought I’d be one to give shout outs as such, but they are due to Sajita, who is one of the cutest and smartest little people I’ve ever met, and to her mother Linda, who is my friend and fabulous co-worker!

Linda says, and I have *extensive* reason to believe her, that she was barely able to restrain herself from dropping the f-bomb on the show. That would have put those panelists in their place, n’est pas?


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One Response to “Signs point to Tyra Banks Show actually being interesting.”

  1. Nina Says:

    Wow… that was stunning. Kudos to your co-worker Linda, and garsh that Sajita is cute!!

    In other news, I got my train tickets in the mail yesterday, and it’s a definite that I’ll be in NYC two weekends from now!!

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