Uncle Fred tells it like it is

I recently watched the disturbing 2006 documentary “Jesus Camp”, the entirety of which is available on youtube, and I’ve been quaking in my Converse ever since.

I’m not a religious person. That having been said, Jesus was a social radical who had some amazing ideas. Moreover, I received a Christian education from teachers and monks whose faith was earnest; these were genuinely good people. I guess I’m not only alarmed but positively perplexed that Christian doctrine has been so easily mangled into an ideology of ignorance by the political Right.

You may be wondering what difference exists between the “Evangelicals” and other sorts of Christian people who could be deemed more benign. Well, in seeming response to that very question, my conservative, devout ex-pastor Uncle Fred just sent out a long and detailed email to the Fam discussing why he has “such a problem with Jerry Falwell in particular and ‘The Evangelicals’ in general.”

Here’s the last section:

“At Trinity Lutheran Church in Kissimmee, Florida there is one confession of Faith.
But there are divergent views on how to live out our faith, what causes to support, who to vote for and the like…
Thank God for God, Scripture, our founding fathers. And for Luther.

That is NOT the case in the extreme right camp, basically, “The Evangelicals” (Horribly misappropriated word by the way)…or the extreme left for that matter. The vast majority of thoughtful and responsible Christians know that they are called by God to use their intellect, faith and discipleship to craft their social conscience based on the teachings of Jesus and the catechisms of The Church. They are also aware that they are accountable to their God and to their brothers and sisters for their attitudes and actions…ON THE OTHER HAND, AND THIS IS THEIR VERY BASIC DISTINCTION FROM THE REST OF US, the extreme right and left refer you to an inflexible, narrow and required code or set of rules and regulations or point of view that someone or a group of someones have fashioned for them.

If someone tells me I must believe in seven day creation and disavow the basic tenets of science which teaches evolution, I will likely say, “Excuse me. God gave me my brain to sort that out. And I have concluded that God did it all…from the beginning…and science helps me understand the process.” I love my God. I am uplifted by my science. Now go away.


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One Response to “Uncle Fred tells it like it is”

  1. Steve Says:

    Uncle Fred has reaffirmed my pride in being a Lutheran, even though I only go to church twice a year. With the exception of the Missouri Synod–hijacked by a bunch of Evangelicals–I’ve always found our church to be pretty reasonable in its practices.

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