Try to find

anything categorically more awesome than the Brooklyn Public Library system.

Not only do they have books, CDs and DVDs from any of their 65 branches available for pick-up at whichever branch is most convenient for you, they also have literacy programs, job readiness and career guidance workshops, all manner of clubs, classes, and foreign language discussion groups…the list goes on.

The D-Train and I have been going to a Spanish discussion group at the Windsor Terrace branch facilitated by a volunteer every week for the past two months and although my grammar and vocabulary are still in the linguistic toilet, I am now confident enough that I had a pleasant, complete (albeit quite simple) telephone conversation in Spanish with the spouse of an Adult Ed student at work yesterday. Thanks in large part to the BPL.

Not only that! The BPL offers an extensive catalog of digital media that you can download for free! (and in complete accordance with the laws of the land.)

I have memorized my card number because I check my account so much.

I love you, Brooklyn Public Library.


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2 Responses to “Try to find”

  1. David Says:

    But woe unto you, ye who shall return your DVD’s to the BPL a day late!

  2. tripinchina Says:

    Every rose has its thorn, mon frere

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