I Hate “Go Green” Eco-Chique Consumerist Bullshit

As you’ve no doubt noticed, “going green” is super trendy — and annoying as hell.

Clorox has a new line of “green” products to help nature. Now you can end environmental crisis (and be a better person) simply by purchasing a different type of chemical to clean your house! Wow, thanks Clorox Company.

A story: a few weeks ago I was watching PBS and I saw a commercial for a global warming documentary sponsored by the Shell Corporation. Let me tell you, I was *so* pleased to discover that oil companies are now on the front line of the crusade for ecological awareness! Wonderful.

Another story: Recently the Adult Ed program where I work had its annual graduation ceremony at a church in Bay Ridge. Being a forward thinking community organization, the theme chosen for the event was (you guessed it) “go green” and it featured projects and decorations that the students had put together in class to express this idea. I helped take care of kids during the show, I served food afterwards, and at the end of the event I got saddled with trash duty.

(…dramatic pause…)

The mountain of trash! Uneaten food, plastic tablecloths, cups, and silverware, paper cups and napkins, balloons, etc. Bags and bags of it, straight into the landfill where it will remain long after you and I are dead.

Go Green?

Fuck you!


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7 Responses to “I Hate “Go Green” Eco-Chique Consumerist Bullshit”

  1. David Says:


  2. Willow Says:

    So I’m looking at how involved you seemed to be in the adult ed graduation. Maybe, since it’s obviously such a bee in your bonnet, you could have taken the lead and suggested a recycling/greener disposal plan for all the garbage you surely knew would be the result of a big party? Or maybe it’s just easier to sit around complaining about a problem rather than helping to solve it?

  3. Saunders Says:

    THANK YOU! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who resents this new “TRENDY” going green garbage. I’m all for recycling but it’s going a bit far, and the hypocrisy is making me ill.
    Don’t EVEN get me started on the “GOING GREEN” t-shirts.

  4. Aliasluver Says:

    Thankyouthankyouthank you for speaking out about this BS money generating “Trend” to GO GREEN!! ITS ALL absolute crap, its getting on my nerves, and GOD FORBID anyone say anything anti GO GREEN- you are roasted on a spit, ostracized and considered an environment hater!!! I can’t even look at Kermit the frog now without hurling…..

  5. tripinchina Says:

    Hey well thanks for your enthusiasm!

    The monster I’m trying to kill here is not being “green” as such, but rather the illusion that corporate sponsored consumerism will really generate change. I don’t know if you read any of the other posts on this blog, but I advocate the radical redesign of our economic system *because* of the risk of environmental (hence human) disaster.

    Watch this interactive video, the Story of Stuff: http://www.thestoryofstuff.com and tell me what you think of it!

  6. ash forrest Says:

    thank YOU for making my google research of ‘going green is bullshit’ enjoyable. i hate when something that has good aspects of it is exploited by consumerism.

    also, i visualized you saying ‘go green!? fuck you!’ in a really loud, enraged voice. i laughed out loud.

  7. Paul Says:

    People… we ought to like group together… I think there’s enough people that see through the corporate bullshit that we’d be able to open people’s eyes up… lol… the other day I saw a commercial about clorox’s cleaning products… they showed a picture of a duck that was covered in oil from some oil spill… afterward some “loving” people came in their helicopter from nowhere, (burning more fossil fuels might I add) and washed the poor duckie from all the oil… HOORA… ugh… stupid people that try to show others how great they are by deeds they do us to “our children and there children” sickens me… seriously… pretty soon we’re going to see a Coca cola commercial… (the ones with the polar bears) briging forward a new coke… the GREEN coke… Mmmmm
    I can picture it

    “Coca Cola now donates .3% of all income to the GREEN coke to saving the polar bears…. cause you just know how cute and crudely they are!”

    Actually Polar bears are some of the most aggressive animals on the planet… but you’ll never see that on the green channel

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