Good luck shaming China, you guys…

Maybe I should stop reading the Op-Ed page…I don’t think it’s very good for the brain.

Case in point: Thomas L. Friedman wrote in a recent Op-Ed that, “there was something truly filthy about Russia’s and China’s vetoes of the American-led U.N. Security Council effort to impose targeted sanctions on Robert Mugabe’s ruling clique in Zimbabwe.”

OK so Robert Mugabe is a rich, power mad, murderous dictator whose insane policies have ruined many, many lives — it’s true. So why would Russia and China veto the UN Security Council measure to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe?  Is it because they’re *evil* countries?

Or could these countries have, oh I don’t know, some kind of financial interest in keeping Mugabe’s regime in power?

China, for one, is beoming more and more intertwined with Africa due primarily to China’s thirst for oil and valuble minerals.

As David Shinn and Joshua Eisenman have pointed out in a recent report surrounding US-China policy towards Africa,

“China’s reluctance to impose political conditions and its willingness to work with any African government have resulted in strong ties with Sudan and Zimbabwe, two countries considered pariahs in much of the west. China accepts African governments as they are and seems equally comfortable with an Islamist government in Sudan, a democracy in South Africa, and an autocracy in Equatorial Guinea. It also has a history of switching political loyalty with relative ease when there is regime change in an African country.”

Even better: In 1965, post-colonial civil war broke out in what was then the newly independent state of Rhodesia. After more than a decade of fighting, Mugabe became commander in chief of the rebel “Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army” (ZANLA) which received funding directly from Beijing!

Remember when the US installed General Pinochet in Chile in 1972 to prevent Allende from nationalizing key Chilean industries? And then, even after decades of Pinochet’s disastrous rule, the US refused to take any stance on the general’s genocidal policies? There was something “truly filthy” about that too, no?

Whenever the US reveals its imperial aspirations, the liberal NYTimes will fob it off on excesses perpetrated at the hands of Bush…or whoever the scapegoat of choice happens to be. But whenever China or Russia do so, it’s simply “shameful”

That is dumb.

Of course, I don’t want to go out of my way to excoriate Friedman, because he’s a smart guy. But this isn’t worthy of his intelligence.


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