Goodbye Brooklyn!

So I have officially moved away from Brooklyn!

In light of this, I should probably change the title of this blog…but, I do like it. So I’ll keep it for now.

I wrote a previous post about how comfort can be perilous — when you achieve a certain level of comfort, especially in an urban environment, it’s possible to get caught up in a senseless routine. On the other hand, restlessness and moving from place to place doesn’t do much to address this problem; it only complicates things. I’ve spent a few years entrenched in a pattern of moving somewhere, finally settling in, then leaving for greener pastures…it can be quite a stressful experience. And here we go again!

Not enough time has passed for me to really get nostalgic. But here, in no particular order, is a non-exhaustive list of Brooklyn-related things that I have enjoyed:

Loud hip hop. It’s a public service! It imbues the surroundings with a syncopated rhythm for your walking pleasure. If you’re walking down the street in the ‘hood, as it were, there’s nothing like a dose of loud hip hop to give you a little more spring in your step — a little boost of joie de vivre if you will.

Patties, especially those hailing from Flatbush/Crown Heights, are a terrific way to warm oneself up on a cold day. I’m not talking about the sad yellow ones under the glass counter at the deli — I mean the fresh ones from the Caribbean bakery. Even Golden Krust is great!

The Subway system — even if the map *is* ridiculously distorted! What was once an impossible labyrinth became a way of life. The futuristic DC system does have its advantages, such as cleanliness and air conditioning, but the MTA will be missed!

24 oz Coors (and 23.5 oz Arizona) tall boys are only a dollar! You’d be a fool not to buy them. How could they be so cheap? Well, if you haven’t already, check out The Story of Stuff for some perspective on that question.

The Brooklyn Public Library is my true love — for reasons I’ve articulated in a previous post, as well as the fact that they recently hosted transcendent the amazing Scott McCloud to speak about his work. He is great.


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3 Responses to “Goodbye Brooklyn!”

  1. drcorner Says:

    I know the Bk VERY VERY well, and it’s very liveable. You’re also right on both counts: becoming comfortable in something is (like you) what I tend ti do sometime. And, D.C. Does have a VERY clean metro system (Toronto too)…I just can’t get ysed to the red streets, 😆

    Btw, if you can, please check out my recent post for Labor Day weekend and comment on what peaks you. Thanks.

  2. D-train Says:

    Haha, I was totally drinking a 24 oz coors when I read this (Not like this should surprise you)

    Come back soon…

  3. Jenny Says:

    hey you!
    just read this post aloud to Joe after going through my blog comments, which are hilarious incidentally. Mm, you definitely made me think about the possibility of actually missing this neighborhood 😉 It really does have its perks. Speaking of which, Joe perked up at the mention of Scott McCloud. We have “Understanding Comics” sitting on our dining room table right now!
    Synchronicity is beautiful.
    Where are you right now? Your posts suggest DC – are you working or in school? Hope you are keeping up with your Chinese! 😉
    Please stop by any time – We have an excellent guest bed and cook delicious food (well, Joe does, anyway)<3!

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