Be afraid

Yes, I think that public policy matters.

Hence, for me the only thing scarier than the fact that I ENJOYED watching Sarah Palin’s speech at the RNC is the idea that she might become president. Why do I care?

Well, if you take a gander at what the press is saying about Palin, you’ll see for the most part a bunch of nonsense about religion, “family values”, small-town-ism, etc. Regardless of how you feel on those issues, I invite you to indulge my belief that they tend to (as indeed they are designed to) distract the public from the real issues being debated among the actual representative base of both parties.
These issues are, and have always been, money and power. As in: how do we design a policy agenda assuring that our constituents can maintain their hold upon these things?

Sarah Palin will pursue the agenda of the oil lobby. By now I feel that there’s no need to explain what happens when you elect an oil man/woman (oil individual?) to high public office. I will say that they tend to be of the opinion that the best route to money and power is to rape the earth, secure access to oil, and cut taxes for the people and corporate entities who consume the most of said oil.

There are other, slightly less cruel options out there — even among the rich and powerful.

Check out the eloquent Frank Rich and the ever insightful Eve Ensler for more nuanced commentary on the subject. They sum up the facts of the case pretty well.


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