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What is this orangutan doing?

November 19, 2008


Give up?

He is doing WORK, he’s visibly CONTENT in doing it and he will continue to do it until it is FINISHED.

Or until a real person needs to use that computer…

Nevertheless, for the next several weeks until the end of the semester I must follow the example of this orangutan. No I’m not going to switch to Mac or start wearing those once fashionable big and shiny ties — but I AM going to WORK. While I work I will emulate this ape’s diligent attitude and placid demeanor. As a result, interesting and thorough research papers will be written and everyone involved will be happy.

That is all.



November 5, 2008

Given that its election night 2008 and I live in the nation’s capitol, I’m not sure that this post really requires content. But here are a few thoughts before I pass out:

1) Those Obama kids really do deserve that puppy.

2) The Obama campaign was the most elaborate and expensive campaign machine in history — and Obama himself displayed an intuitive grasp of how to go about it, kind of like a Federer on the tennis court. Just because McCain made it to the finals didn’t mean he had a chance at the championship.

3) This man makes it really difficult to be cynical!