What is this orangutan doing?


Give up?

He is doing WORK, he’s visibly CONTENT in doing it and he will continue to do it until it is FINISHED.

Or until a real person needs to use that computer…

Nevertheless, for the next several weeks until the end of the semester I must follow the example of this orangutan. No I’m not going to switch to Mac or start wearing those once fashionable big and shiny ties — but I AM going to WORK. While I work I will emulate this ape’s diligent attitude and placid demeanor. As a result, interesting and thorough research papers will be written and everyone involved will be happy.

That is all.


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4 Responses to “What is this orangutan doing?”

  1. William Bruntrager Says:

    Hm… does this mean we’re not going to be partying anymore? Because I enjoy partying.

  2. tripinchina Says:

    Well, it doesn’t mean I’ve phased out partying as such, it just means I have to be reading and writing more often and more conscientiously from now until the end of the semester…which is outrageously soon.

    Also, I don’t know if going to a party and talking about politics for the evening can be considered “partying” in the true sense of the word…

  3. tripinchina Says:

    Oh also looking at the orangutan picture again I find it amusing that he’s got like a little monkey on this shelf behind him

  4. D-train Says:

    Is this a continuation of the Family Support photo series (featuring Tigger & Cookie Monster)?

    Also, I agree with Bill.

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