An apocryphal story

A US Admiral was apparently schmoozing with military folks from various countries and playfully proposed a thought experiment to a high-ranking Russian officer.

“Suppose we got serious about nuclear disarmament,” he says, “and both our countries really went through with it, destroying every last warhead.”
The Russian nods.
“But then a few days later you guys realize that there are three or four that you didn’t destroy — what would happen?” asks the American.
Not one to miss a beat, the Russian responds, “of course we would then call the White House with our ultimatum.”

No player wants to be caught with their proverbial pants down, so you’re never going to see any real effort at nuclear disarmament. Hence the moral outrage over Iran’s nuclear program is silly, and probably a result of political calculations, especially when you’ve got a nuclear Israel that never even bothered to go through the motions of signing the Non-Proliferation treaty.


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