Beautiful pictures (and music)

I look forward to many things in my daily compendium of RSS feeds via Google Reader (which, by the way, you should use!) but Astronomy Picture of the Day is by far my favorite. Regardless of what mood I’m in or what new craziness has hit the news cycle, APOD can be counted upon to produce the same reaction each morning, i.e. slack-jawed amazement! Check it out:


Credit: ESO / Stéphane Guisard – Copyright: Stéphane Guisard


Credit & Copyright: Koen van Gorp


Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

All in all, a pretty compelling argument in favor of Robert Pirsig’s suggestion that we return to calling it ‘the heavens’ rather than simply ‘space.’

In addition, if you want to the “full on” experience whilst looking at these and you enjoy downbeat techno then you should check out the vast musical archives of the Cloud Factory Collective, particularly any of the mixes from the annual Chillits festival. I am in awe of them as well!


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