Happy Boxing Day!

I like to think that the open ended phrase “Happy Holidays” has a little room in it for Boxing Day. Woefully under-appreciated outside of the Commonwealth, the 26th will always be a perfect day for playing with toys, eating cookies, and languishing in post-xmas warmth. I’ll save you the (Sarah Vowell-esque?) exploration of the holiday’s history and remark instead that the great thing about Boxing Day is that you get all the warm/fuzzy without any of the religious connotations! Delightful.

On an unrelated note, isn’t it odd how some words aren’t ever used outside of a set phrase? Some examples:


Really, try to think of anything else that is “vested” other than “interests”…etc.
Happy Boxing Day!


One Response to “Happy Boxing Day!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I now agree, Boxing Day is pretty cool.

    There was a used clothing store where I lived in New Jersey called “The Vested Interest.”

    Also, maybe you could say that someone’s weight is “ballooning”? Or, of course, to describe someone morphing into a balloon.

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