Leaving for China makes Tai Shan a Saaaad Panda

(This photo, lifted from a DCist article, was taken by dc.John)

Christ, it’s so sad!

I wondered whether or not this photo should warrant a blog post of its own…but statistics indicate that the VAST majority of visitors to this blog are folks who, for one reason or another, are scouring the internet for a picture of a smiling orangutan, another emotionally evocative exotic animal. One does wish to please one’s reading public, so here we have the star attraction of the National Zoo looking kind of miserable. Aww.


One Response to “Leaving for China makes Tai Shan a Saaaad Panda”

  1. William Bruntrager Says:

    I know what you mean about blog stats. Almost all of my visitors are there for “the wire dictionary” or “is it possible for a government’s soluti”. I’m not kidding about that latter term. It’s really, really popular.

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