Scene: the front lines of a farmers market

Customer: I love this cheese! But this $10.50 piece is too expensive for me…do you have a smaller piece?
Me: (at my friendliest) Officially, no. But, especially since you are a repeat customer, I could sell you the other half of the piece I’m cutting samples from? I would charge $6.00.
Customer: Hmmmm
Me: Actually, I am running low on quarters…so if you have a quarter, I would charge $5.25.
Customer: Done! But I don’t have a quarter.
Me: OK, $6.00
Customer: So because I don’t have a quarter, you’re charging me an extra 75 cents?
Me: Uh…that’s right.
Customer: (angry) No, that’s wrong! (Buys cheese for $5(!!!) and storms off).

End scene.

In sum, I was trying to do this dude a favor and he gave me shit about it! And stiffed me a quarter/a dollar. I must say, like Dustin Hoffman in the last scene from Straw Dogs I yearned for outrageous violence. Only the strictures of “the law” and “customer service” kept me from stabbing him repeatedly with one of the many, extremely sharp knives that were at my cheese mongering disposal. Bah!

So this blog post is really the only socially acceptable way I could think of to vent my frustration after the fact. And, now that it’s written, I can put my revenge fantasies to rest…


2 Responses to “Scene: the front lines of a farmers market”

  1. William Bruntrager Says:

    Funny story. Negotiation is tough.

  2. Rrrobert! Says:

    Particularly when people are willing to steal from you.

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