A (final?) thought

Well, I’m going through some big and potentially significant life changes. I’m not sure how to approach blogging about them. Also, although I still very much enjoy visiting Brooklyn, I think I’m physically and emotionally far enough away from the borough that I should change things up blog-wise.

(If anyone actually reads this, I’ll keep you “posted.” Zing!)

Anyway, you were promised a thought. Here we go: one of my new roommates appears to have a thing for Ultimate Fighting Championship, the uber-violent cage fighting program that they sometimes show on Spike TV. I have it one some authority that the martial arts style employed in these matches tends to be a roughshod mixture of Thai kick boxing and Brazilian ju jitsu. These two styles form the basis for “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA) because of their devastating effectiveness in the UFC context. When you’re in a one-on-one, no-holds-barred battle the goal of which is to either knock out your opponent or force him (they are invariably men) to submit, you apparently always turn to these techniques. Thus, even though UFC is supposed to be an “anything goes” forum where you might expect there to be representatives from all of the world’s wondrously different martial arts traditions (kinda like that one Van Damme movie), these get homogenized into dominant strategies for survival. This is less fun for the viewer because all of the more interesting and visually appealing styles succumb to this boring MMA crap.

Now. Yesterday, I very nearly attended the North American Organic Brewers Festival. I’m told that a large proportion of the brews at the event were IPAs. Also, a beer magazine recently ranked the “Best Commercial Beers in America” and mentioned that, “six of the top 10 vote-getters in the competition are IPAs, proving that hoppy beers are still king among readers.” Of course, I love IPA as much as the next guy — but I’m also inclined to pause and wonder whether brewing the “best” possible beer (i.e. the most appealing for the largest number of drinkers) is worth it in the long run when all the other styles of brewing might face elimination. Same thing with martial arts. Shouldn’t diversity count for something? That’s my thought.


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