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Holidaze, or Ludichristmas (part III)

December 28, 2007

Christmas was beautiful.

The champagne at breakfast, the best way to enhance holiday cheer. Then the mutual exchange of gifts that nobody can really afford. Then the communal dog-walking through Rock Creek. Then the telephone banter with cheery British relatives which, because they’re five hours further advanced in the feasting process, is always reasurringly prophetic of things to come. Then the cooking and devouring of the Christmas dinner and, the ultimate British tradition to end all others, the Christmas pudding. This is basically fruit cake soaked in brandy, lit aflame, and served with brandy butter. It is better than the birth of Jesus.

This year my mom decided to throw a Boxing Day party at our house as well, in an attempt to foist Britishness upon her friends and co-workers. It’s a great time to party, actually, because who really has plans on the day after Christmas? What does anyone really want to do on December 26? You want to clean your house and purchase cartloads of alcohol, of course! And hob nob!

But now I’m back in Brooklyn. I’m in the rather comfortable position of returning to work on a Friday, then having another two days off before facing a real work week. Also, nobody is here. There’s nothing like the absence of both staff and clients to slow things down at a community center.

I am looking forward to lunch at Johnnie’s on 5th and 58th, where you can get a gargantuan lasagna pizza slice for 2.75

lasagna on pizza!
holy shit!